Extended warranty for 3 years

Getting a full 3-year extended warranty is very easy. Just follow the steps below:3_roky_zaruka-EN

  1. Register within 30 days of purchase on the registration form page.
    • Fill in the serial number on the registration form on the registration form.
    • upload the original proof of purchase
    • fill in your name and contact details
    • Submit the form
  2. You will receive a confirmation to the email address provided, which will guarantee your extended warranty for 3 years.



  • The extended 3-year warranty applies to products labeled "3 YEAR WARRANTY" and is not applicable to products labeled "Quality 2" (other than product code "BA00609").
  • The validity is limited from 9/9/2021 until further notice. A 3 year extended warranty (2 years legal warranty + 1 extra year from TESLA) is available to all customers who purchase and register the product within the stated period.
  • If the appliance is repaired or replaced, the repaired or replaced appliance is covered by a quality guarantee for the remaining duration of the original extended warranty. The extended warranty is valid only if the appliance has been used in accordance with the user manual.
  • The right to repair the product can only be exercised at an authorised TESLA service centre at Blučina 704, Blučina, 66456.
  • After the expiry of the two-year legal warranty, it is required to claim the product directly at a TESLA service centre.
  • When exercising the right to have the product repaired at an authorised service centre, the original proof of purchase must be presented with the claimed product. The serial number of the product being claimed must be identical to the serial number on the registration form and must be legible. Otherwise, the appliance cannot be repaired free of charge under the extended 3-year warranty.


In the event that you wish to claim the product within the statutory 24 month period, we recommend that you deal directly with the retailer.

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